Friday, May 2, 2014

Saltwater Synopsis

Here is a scenic overview of the week that we spent studying Tropical Marine Ecology on a small island in the Caribbean.

We lived here:

Our lodgings over the water

We had class here:

and here:

Experiencing littoral forest, the original and natural (though now uncommon)
ecosystem of a tropical island

or occasionally here:

We learned about these:

Mark holds a brittle star found on the reef crest

Taylor holds a slate pencil urchin found on the reef crest

We did research projects here:

Rachel, Jeremy, Mara & Marissa study the sea grass beds by our cabanas

We studied here:

Josh reads about marine ecology in a hammock

Marissa & Mara ID some fish they saw on the morning snorkel
(Photo by Rachel Carson)

And we marveled at God's beautiful sunsets:

Thanks to professor Ian Johnston, and to Glover's Atoll Marine Reserve for another excellent week at CCSP Belize...

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