Saturday, May 17, 2014

Final Weeks

Our last couple of days together were bittersweet, but busy enough with projects and activities to keep us from dwelling too much on the sadness of leaving.

One project that we worked on was finding ways to make art out of trash that we cleaned up off the side of the road.  Different folks made wind chimes, repurposed radios, homemade corkboards, metal flowers, and more.  There was even a short song & dance presentation by one team of artists!

Mara displays her long-haired fish (made from the styrofoam inserts of water bottle
caps) on Rachel's corkboard (made from toilet paper rolls inside an old air
conditioner unit face)

Mark's flower, made out of metal scraps and energy drink tabs

Three of the guys took on a bigger project as a gift to the community: building a bridge.  We have a stream that runs through campus, and parts of it are a bit too steep and deep to get across to the other side.  But Derek, Eric and Jeremy took it upon themselves to bridge the biggest gap with materials they found right there in the woods.

The fellas sitting on the bridge, dubbed "Van Oppenboer Pass"

Another exciting event was the 5th Semi-Annual CCSP Belize Small Group Olympics.  All three of the small groups came together in an event that tested our strength, determination, agility, and mental toughness.

Ren deeply concentrated on balancing a mop

Josh versus Eric in the lightsaber battle

Joelle hurries to fit a pile of clothespins on her face

It has now been more than a week since we all parted ways, and campus is very quiet.  Our students have returned to their homes and are sharing their experiences with their families and friends, and seeing their worlds through new eyes.  We miss you guys - thanks for a great semester!

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