Sunday, April 27, 2014

Abundance of Field Trips, Abundance of Food

Two weeks ago was the second installment of our Sustainable Community Development course, so we took the opportunity to experience a handful of different types of development going on right here in Belize.  We toured an oil & gas company, heard from a Mennonite farmer, toured the biggest dairy producer in the country, learned from a government funded agricultural research center, visited a high-end eco-lodge, took a look at the cruise ship terminal, and finally, observed a community-run wildlife sanctuary.  It was busy, but it kept us interested and was packed full of new perspectives, challenging questions and enjoyable experiences.  Here are some memorable photographs from the week:

We had to wear hairnets for our tour of Western Dairies.  Hairnets = photo op

Taylor and Mark petting a baby Brahman at Central Farm, which is run by
the Ministry of Agriculture for the purposes of research and helping out
local farmers

At the Community Baboon Sanctuary, local Belizeans work together to preserve
the habitat of wild howler monkey troupes on their own land.  They are around
the monkeys a lot and have gotten to know them, so this howler was not as
frightened of Derek as it would normally be.

When the week was over, we had Easter to celebrate!  We spent a lot of time preparing a very delectable and special meal.  A number of us contributed dishes that our families traditionally eat for Easter back home, and everyone spent much of the day in the kitchen helping.

Micalagh, Derek & Jeremy tackle the sweet potatoes

Fruit salad prep with Mara & Marissa

The group effort was a lot of fun, and paid off in the most delicious way possible.

Some of the spread

Happy (belated) Easter, everyone!

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